Why blog posts?

I have to confess that I just learnt how to use blogger properly. I made some changes and made my blog colourful which now seems lovely to me :) I think you should do this as well..
If I had known blogger when I first started to university, there would have been hundreds of posts in my blog. For five years, as you know, we have been dealing with different topics, concepts and areas. However, I think it is not too late. It is late for me to use it as a student but it is the right time to use it as a future English teacher. I am planning to use blogs in a way that will enhance my course track. I will make my students reflect on what I teach them and I will encourage them to develop their observation and evaluation skills by making them share their ideas with each other. In the end, they will become more self-confident in that they will not hesitate to 'speak'. It seems simple, may be you think that it is not very important but 'speaking' is the core of learning. As teachers you should first give students the chance to speak. Then you will see that, the more they speak, the more they will comment on and the more they will learn. To sum up, my first goal to use blogs will be to make my students self- confident in the language learning environment.


Meral said...

I really like Blogging too!It is so personal.Isn't it?This blog totally belons to you:) and i am a just one of your visiters. Do you also like this feeling of ownership?

esra karan said...

of course and it gives you more couarage to write .

atilay said...

I agree with you it seems really lovely :) I think blogging is really good for students as you mentioned. It improves their self-confident, their evaluation skills an so on... I also think that it is really good for them to see their development during their learning process. They develop their writing skill. Their ideas also improve through feedback of other people. They are also able to learn looking from different perspectives.