Podcast/ three best things of CTE319:)

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Steve Neufeld said...

Interesting reflections on the tools and the role of technology in teaching. However, the volume of the recording was very low, and there was a 'funny sound' in the background. I suspect this is a result of the microphone that you are using. You can see the recording volume as your record, and the level should be in the green color for a good result. You might need to invest in a better microphone or get a headset that combines earphones and a microphone. These aren't expensive...I bought mine for 15 TL and it works okay. Also, remember that you can easily edit your podcast in AUDACITY...so if you need time to think, just press the PAUSE button and then collect your thoughts. If you forget to do that, you can always 'cut' out sections in your podcast where you have paused or are trying to collect your thoughts.