I have to start with that I am not a big fan of Twitter . It is not like facebook and it seems to me that it is only for letting people know what you are doing in the last two minutes. Nowadays, it is conquered by a lot of famous people who do not know anyting about the world they live on. They are always fighting with each other and take people's attention to ridiculuos things so in my opinion it is not an area to be used in education, language teaching. Language teaching needs a calm area in which everyone can focus on language only. So far these are my opinions about Twitter. I know I am pessimistic about it but that's what I've observed until now.     

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Steve Neufeld said...

I agree with you about some of your reservations about using TWITTER in an educational context. However, as a future counselor, I wonder if such a mode of communication would help you keep in touch with students. Also, the big difference I've noticed between Facebook and TWITTER is that FACEBOOK is all about our 'social lives', whereas TWITTER is more about what we are doing or thinking, or reading. In TWITTER I don't see the same kind of discourse or sharing that I do in FACEBOOK. In this context, using TWITTER might have some advantages...see the link in our CTE319 group in FACEBOOK that I shared of an article written by a teacher trainer talking about the benefits of using TWITTER.